SOLITAIRE  is authentic solid surface.  SOLITAIRE Solid Surface is a extraordinary material with incredible ruggedness and practicality.  Color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away.    It is solid, non-porous material that is easy to clean and maintain.  It was made to last.  It has built-in resistant to thermal shock, impact, stain and discoloring.  With Microban® , Built-in Protection,   Solitaire won’t support the growth of bacteria and mildew. With SOLITAIRE,  any scratch or stain can be easily removed with light sanding.   It is ideal for wet area applications such as kitchens tops, kitchens sink, bathrooms vanity, vanity top, and wall panel for bathroom.    Solitaire is also ideal for hospital work surfaces, remodeling, new construction, countertops, desks, bars, restaurants, and table tops.
SOLITAIRE Solid Surface may be cleaned with water and mild soaps or household cleaners. Although SOLITAIRE is heat and stain-resistant, prolonged exposure of your surface to harsh chemicals such as acids, bases, and organic solvents should be avoided. If these chemicals come in contact with the surface, immediately wash them off with water, using appropriate safety measures to avoid injury. If a stain develops on the surface, wipe it away with soap and water or glass cleaner.    Buffing your surface also helps to maintain cleanliness over a long period of time by preventing the accumulation of dirt or stains.   Always use a cutting board instead of cutting directly on the surface. While minor cuts and scratches can be repaired, take care to prevent them in order to keep your surface looking as good as new.

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